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NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader Preview

The Life and Death of Natgeo Wallpaper Downloader

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NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader clearly was the most popular app the last time this website was up and running. As its biggest fans surely know, since its latest release, I've worked on a new version. A version that not only offered a wallpaper downloader, but also a wallpaper manager and even a theme creator. As the title already stated and the downloads area can prove, that version will most probably not see the light of day. Why? Simply put, there's no point, if you ask me.

Back when I first started working on this cool utility, National Geographic didn't offer wallpapers with resolutions above 1600x1200 - and even those weren't that many. Now, 10 years later, when we use 2K monitors and even 4K monitors... nothing has changed! That is the primary reason I just gave up work on the project. 10 years later and we still don't have FULL HD wallpapers. Seriously, NatGeo?

To top it all off, they've decided to make life a living hell for wallpaper enthusiasts. Most of the wallpapers downloaded by the app are now gone - at best, they've been relocated to completely different locations - and getting new ones is a harrowing task, which probably could only be solved by creating a web crawler - and that's such a stupid way of solving a problem...

2018 will be dedicated to new apps, TV Episodes Renamer to start, and if nothing changes on NatGeo's side I don't think too many people would still be interested in a revamped version of NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader. If I'm wrong and, by some miracle, enough fans will encourage the release of a new version, I'll do my best to make time for it, but, seriously, who still uses 1600x1200 wallpapers? Nonetheless, in the Downloads section you'll still be able to find the old version, to which I've fixed and improved the download function, but that's about it, most wallpaper links are dead (again, thanks, NatGeo!), so the app is pretty much useless right now.

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