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Portable Software Updater Extras

An extensive look at Extras and Portable Software Updater's Extras in particular

Extras FAQ

What are Extras?
Extras are modules (included in certain apps) that provide additional functionality to those utilities. You'll also gain access to some benefits outside app functionality.

The purpose of Extras is to cover the basic costs of running the Nozavi's Apps project.

If they are not unlocked, they still are completely unobtrusive and don't restrict the software's basic functionality in any way.
What are the benefits of Extras outside app functionality?
How can I access Extras?
How long are Extras active?
Do I have to unlock Extras for each app?

Extras Overview

Portable Software Updater - Run at startup

Launch apps at startup

You can set apps to launch whenever Portable Software Updater is launched. Therefore, instead of navigating to and running several programs individually, you can have Portable Software Updater run them automatically when it starts.


Using Portable Software Updater, you can easily assign hotkeys to your portable apps. In other words, you can associate a key combination (like CTRL + SHIFT + X, for example) to a program and whenever those keys are pressed, the program will be launched - no need to open windows or menus.
Portable Software Updater - Set hotkey
Portable Software Updater - Profiles


While you can add three profiles without Extras activated, that might not be enough for some people. If you're one of them, you'll be glad to know Extras allow you to add up to 10 profiles. Furthermore, future versions will bring new functionality (to profiles) that will only be available for those who unlocked Extras.
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