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Older apps

These apps were created a long time ago and - for the time being - are no longer under active development. Nonetheless, if new features are requested or bugs are reported, an update will be scheduled as soon as possible. A couple of apps no longer work right and they've been marked accordingly - using them is not recommended as most of their features are unusable.

NetCon Manager

If you're accessing multiple networks regularly and need to switch between various configurations, this app helps you easily save and load your IP, subnet, gateway and DNS addresses.

You no longer have to open Control Panel or manually reset your network connection, you can use this application to make all the necessary changes from a single window.

Furthermore, you can set NetCon Manager to sit quietly in the system tray, so you can even switch configurations without opening the main window.


The Big Bad Launcher

Easily open one or more instances of files, folders or links using either a window or a menu - both of which you can access using their corresponding hotkeys: WIN + Z for the window and CTRL + SHIFT + Z for the menu.

The menu is perfect for opening a single file / folder / link, whereas the window offers you the possibility of creating profiles, which allow you to open multiple items at once.

Last, but not least, once you've added several items, you can sort or move them around with just the click of a button.


Text Cleanser

If you're looking for a fast way to remove a string or unwanted characters from a text, this app is the perfect solution.

Text Cleanser provides a plethora of predefined characters from which you can choose (question mark, exclamation point, asterisk, dollar signs, etc), but also allows you to enter a custom string that can be removed. Multiple removal options are available: just the string, the entire line containing the string, the entire line or text after the string, etc.

You can remove strings by accessing the window or you can enable stealth mode and remove strings using the default profile by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + X. You can still open the window when you're in stealth mode by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + X.


Go GodMode

Gain access to hidden or hard to reach areas of Microsoft Windows by adding shortcuts to them in your folder / desktop context menu or in a location of your choosing.

When selecting a custom location, you can create shortcuts to the items in the favorites / desktop / start menu folders.

Entries created in the folder / desktop context menu can be easily removed later by clicking the application's Options button.


Simple Recruitment System

A pretty basic tool aimed at recruiters, enabling them to keep track of all the people who applied for various jobs / departments.

For those who applied you can enter: their name / surname / phone number, the job / department they've applied for, date of their interview, if they passed a test / evaluation period, and a memo.

Last, but not least, you can also attach and view an applicant's resume and test.


Keystroke Simulator

A very small tool designed to emulate the use of a keyboard.

Keystroke Simulator will send a text you've entered just as if you're typing it yourself.

Additionally, you can set a delay, so that the text is sent after a few seconds (no more than 60s).


Postpone Restart

A small utility that will sit quietly in the system tray and postpone a system reboot indefinitely after Windows finishes installing its system updates.

In order to stop postponing reboots, simply exit the app from its system tray menu.

Postpone Restart will only run on English versions of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Seven.



While its functionality is still in good standing and everything should be working just fine, this software is only useful on Windows XP or older Microsoft operating systems, which are no longer supported. Since it's no longer secure to use those operating systems, this app will also remain unsupported.

Modern Microsoft Windows operating systems offer the "Shake" feature for any of their windows. The "Shake" feature is activated when you grab a window's title bar and rapidly move it to the left and to the right: this action will minimize all other windows.

AeroShake brings this cool feature to older Microsoft Windows operating systems, like Windows XP.

You can even customize the minimization process, by choosing to perform it with/without animation or to minimize windows on all monitors or just the active monitor.


NatGeo Wallpaper Downloader

National Geographic has updated their website and most of the wallpaper links have been broken. Therefore, this app will only download a small fraction of the images it was once capable of retrieving (and even those images are at very small resolutions).

As its name implies, this app downloads wallpapers offered by National Geographic on their official website.

Wallpapers have been grouped into several albums and you can easily select which one should be downloaded.

Once the download process has started, you'll be able to view its progress and also preview each downloaded wallpaper.


Easy Image Uploader

The vast majority of services/hosts included in this app are no longer available or no longer support the upload method used by the app, so using them will be impossible. At this point, Easy Image Uploader is only listed as a proof of concept and using it not recommened at all.

This tool was created to help users upload images to multiple services at once.

Images could be uploaded from the application's main window, a custom "drop box" window or the Windows file context menu.

Additionally, Easy Image Uploader allowed users to capture images in a selected format, upload them and then automatically copy or open the link in a browser.

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