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TV Episodes Renamer Extras

An extensive look at Extras in general and TV Episodes Renamer's Extras in particular



  • Unlimited files
  • Unlimited rules
  • 10 profiles
  • 10 recently assigned TV shows
  • View/Search episodes



  • Unlimited files
  • Unlimited rules
  • 20 profiles
  • 20 recently assigned TV shows
  • View/Search episodes
  • Rename files inside archives
  • Rename files over FTP
  • Rename files over SFTP



  • Unlimited files
  • Unlimited rules
  • 30 profiles
  • 30 recently assigned TV shows
  • View/Search episodes
  • Guess TV show name
  • Guess episode information
  • Associations
  • Rename files inside archives
  • Rename files over (S)FTP

About TV Episodes Renamer's Extras

Why are there minimum donations for each edition?
TV Episodes Renamer's internal rules must be updated frequently to process all naming schemes. Furthermore, processing files from special locations means ensuring constant compatibility with the tools that provide access to those locations.

Extras inside other apps could be coded under the principle "write once to work forever". However, TV Episodes Renamer features extras that required a lot of time to implement, they are unique and, most importantly, will also require constant attention, as mentioned above. In conclusion, access to them will be provided to donors who understand the effort needed to keep them working flawlessly.
How does the Premium/yearly donation work?
Why is one plan lifetime and not both?

Extras Overview

Portable Software Updater - Run at startup


Three types of guessing will be available: 1) automatically guess a file's season and episode number based on its name and path using the app's internal rules; 2) guess a file's season and episode numbers based on the episode name; 3) manually or automatically guess a file's TV show name


You get to choose which series and source information will always be used to process each TV show. Most importantly though, TV Episodes Renamer / you will not waste time searching and assigning the correct series each time you add episodes for a TV show. Instead - since it was already assigned - the app will skip directly to downloading episode names.
Portable Software Updater - Set hotkey
Portable Software Updater - Profiles

Additional file sources

You can rename remote files using a (S)FTP connection - host, port number, username, password and default folder are required. Furthermore, you can rename files inside certain archive types - if that is possible (you cannot rename files inside a locked RAR archive, for example). Renaming the archives themselves is optional.

About Extras in general

What are Extras?
Extras are modules (included in certain apps) that provide additional functionality to those utilities. You'll also gain access to some benefits outside app functionality.

The purpose of Extras is to cover the basic costs of running the Nozavi's Apps project.

If they are not unlocked, they still are completely unobtrusive and don't restrict the software's basic functionality in any way.
What are the benefits of Extras outside app functionality?
How can I access Extras?
How long are Extras active?
Do I have to unlock Extras for each app?
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