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Creating TV Episodes Renamer

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Most apps found on this website were created because no other software offered the same functionality. At first sight, that might not be true for TV Episodes Renamer and as far as the basic features are concerned, sure, there are other alternatives. Heck, at this point, a few of them are far more powerful. However, looking only at the basic features wouldn't be fair.

While some apps were created for the community - since I don't use them as often as others do - I've started working on TV Episodes Renamer because I really needed a program with everything this software has to offer now. This project probably involved writing more code than all the other apps combined, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that its story began a long time ago - in 2015 if my memory serves me right.

Now, as I've mentioned before, there are other file / episode renamers out there, but what good is an episode renamer if the files are located in a remote location? What if those renamers don't match them to the right TV show? Why use only one source for episode names? There really wasn't an easy way of solving these issues back when I started working on TV Episodes Renamer.

Come to think about it, I'm quite curios how this piece of software will be received, since - as it stands now - TV Episodes Renamer targets advanced / experienced users: people who rely on (S)FTP connections, understand regular expressions, regularly download episodes from various locations, etc. Time will tell I guess.

In conclusion, TV Episodes Renamer is your best chance of renaming episodes files if you're downloading episodes at home (through a seedbox), but most of the time you're away and don't have easy access. Downloading them remotely was easy (Deluge / Transmission work great), moving them was easy (SSH/FTP work great), but renaming them wasn't as easy.

The app is also very useful if you often run into annoying inconveniences like files with the wrong episode number or TV show name. TV Episodes Renamer can help you associate a specific string to a show or use the episode name not its ID to rename it.

I plan on releasing a beta version in late March - beginning of April, so you can give it a try and you'll surely discover an impressive tool (that will only become more powerful in the months to come)

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